Collection: Stress and Fatigue

Stress is the non specific reaction of the mind and/or body to any demand. Stressors can cause just about everything from a fleeting momentary reaction (startle response) to a heart attack.

Fatigue is an extreme form of tiredness, often described as exhaustion. It is an overwhelming tiredness that cannot seem to be relieved by any form of rest. It can be acute or chronic.

Signs and symptoms of stress: Decreased energy and insomnia, changes in libido, depression, acne, headaches, chronic pain, frequent sicknesses, digestive issues, appetite changes and weight gain, rapid heartbeat, and sweating just to name a few.

Signs and symptoms of fatigue: Chronic tiredness, sleepiness or lack of energy, headache, dizziness, sore or aching muscles, muscle weakness, slowed reflexes and responses, impaired decision - making and judgement, moodiness (such as irritability), impaired hand to eye coordination, appetite loss, reduced immune system function, blurry vision, short-term memory problems, poor concentration, hallucinations, reduced ability to pay attention to the situation at hand and low motivation.

If you would like to have a more tailored approach to your health concerns you can book in to see our Herbal Naturopath. (you will be transferred to our sister companies online booking service) She will look at you as an individual and look into your specific needs through holistic and evidence-based approach to wellness.  Herbal Naturopathic principles are based on treating each person as an individual and treatment plans are designed to treat you as a whole person and not just your presenting symptoms.

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