Collection: Styptic Herbal Powder Organic

Herbal styptic powder is a natural substance formulated from a blend of medicinal herbs with hemostatic properties. The primary purpose of this powder is to stop bleeding by promoting the clotting of blood, particularly in the case of minor cuts, wounds, and nail trimming accidents. The ingredients commonly include herbs known for their ability to accelerate the coagulation process and support wound healing.

Benefits of Herbal Styptic Powder:

Clotting Action: The hemostatic properties of the herbs in the styptic powder aid in the rapid formation of blood clots. This helps staunch bleeding from superficial wounds, preventing excessive blood loss and promoting the body's natural healing mechanisms.

Wound Healing: Beyond its clotting abilities, herbal styptic powder often contains herbs with anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties. These herbs contribute to the overall healing process, reducing inflammation and supporting the regeneration of tissue.

Natural and Gentle: Herbal styptic powder is a natural alternative to traditional styptic powders that may contain synthetic or chemical ingredients. The herbal formulation provides a gentle and soothing option, making it suitable for individuals who prefer natural remedies.

Versatility for Humans and Pets: Many herbal styptic powders are formulated to be safe for both humans and pets. This versatility makes them a convenient addition to first aid kits for families with pets, allowing for a holistic approach to managing minor injuries.

Quick and Effective: The application of herbal styptic powder is a quick and effective solution for managing bleeding. Whether used after a shave, to address paper cuts, or to stop bleeding from a pet's nail trimming accident, herbal styptic powder provides rapid relief.


Enhance your first aid kit with our herbal styptic powder, a fantastic addition for both you and your furry companions.


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