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Workshop in Midvale

Workshop in Craigie

"As above, So Below"

The Oak Tree is a symbol of strength and endurance and is also known as the "tree of life."  Oak Tree roots penetrate to the underworld and their branches reach to the heavens.  At the Oak Tree Herbal Clinic we will teach people to have that same strength and endurance by teaching you to take control of your own health.  Though our Educational Workshops and our resident Herbalist, Oak Tree Herbal Clinic is the "go to" place where you will find all you need to know about living a more healthy sustainable life.

Educational Workshops

Oak Tree Herbal Clinic offers a range of Educational Workshops.  If you would like to "Grow your Own Food and Medicine" then we have a workshop for you.  You have plenty to choose from starting with Propagating your own plants to turning those plants you grow into your own medicine.  To view our workshops visit workshops

Herbal Tea

We offer a range of herbal Tea either single dried herbs or herbal tea blends.  To know more about our range visit Herbal Tea Blends herbal_tea_blends or single herbal tea single_herbs

Herbal Tinctures

We produce our own brand of Herbal Tinctures.  All our tinctures are produced the old fashion way, where we capture the whole essence of the herbs.  To view our range visit  herbal_tinctures

Book our Herbalist/Naturopath - Mobile - We come to you (Perth metro only)

If you are wanting a more natural approach to your health, you can make a booking to see our Herbalist/Naturopath Leesa. Leesa will help you take back your health and will provide you with both emotional and practical support that will make you feel stronger, more relaxed and help you get your energy back.  She will  help you to understand your body better through Natural remedies, Herbal Medicines and whole foods.  Initial consultations will take between 1 - 1.5 hours. To book an appointment click here herbalist_naturopath 

Flower Essence

Leesa is also able to do a flower essence reading for you.  To read more about what flower essence are click here flower_essence  Consultations last about 30 - 45 mins and include your own flower essence remedy.  If you want to pick your own Flower Essence remedy, you can read through all the flower essence and choose 7 flowers that you can relate to and I will blend them for you - to view all the flowers also click here flower_essence

Organic Skincare and Haircare

Coming Soon - Stay tuned.

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