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My name is Leesa Caldwell and I am a Master Herbalist, Naturopath, Nutritionist, Educator, and Researcher.  I love teaching people how to take back control of their health with herbs and diet.

I am a single mum of four beautiful men and am blessed with two gorgeous grandchildren.  Over the years of raising my boys by myself, with very little income, I had to learn to do everything myself.  My philosophy was "if anyone can do it, so can I", so if I needed anything to be done I learned (except plumbing - for obvious reasons :) ) 

When I just had my first two boys I taught myself how to sew and draft patterns and started up my own Sportswear manufacturing business.  I made all the uniforms for all sports.  I remember my first order was 100 T-shirts and I cut them all out with a pair of scissors and sewed them with my domestic sewing machine. It seemed to take forever to finish the order. Luckily I soon learned about industrial cutters and sewing machines and ended up with 2 industrial cutters and 5 industrial sewing machines. I did this for 15 years until the cheaper uniforms started coming in from China.

I closed that business and I had four boys by then, so I went looking for another business to buy or start-up and came across "The Greenhouse".  The Greenhouse was a Certified Organic wholesale/Retail Nursery that produced vegetable seedlings, and potted herbs and sold a range of Organic Heirloom Seeds.  I taught myself how to grow from seeds and did a TAFE course on how to propagate from cuttings.  I certainly learned the hard way about owning a nursery.  I lost a lot of stock till I got it right, but never lost the passion to grow them.  

I would wake the kids up at 5 am and travel to various farmers' markets to sell my seedlings.  They would be sitting on a blanket behind the stall playing, while I spoke to customers selling my seedlings.  Great memories.  

After running The Greenhouse for 15 years I felt I needed a change. The most common question I was asked while running my nursery and attending farmers' markets and garden shows, was "what can I grow to help my health?" This bought me to my next and final profession.

I became a qualified Western Herbalist, Naturopath, and Nutritionist.  I loved every minute of my degree and have not stopped researching since being qualified. 

My main passion is herbs.  I live and breathe my herbs.  I bought a 5-acre organic piece of heaven about 23 years ago in Gabbadah (just north of Perth near Moore River).  That's another reason I learned how to propagate many years ago :) I ran my nursery from my block as well and planted all my herbs as rootstock to propagate from and sell. 

My herbal paradise has certainly expanded since closing my nursery.  I grow a number of herbs to make my own Herbal Medicine that I use in my clinic.  My clinic is situated at 6/75 Warburton Ave, Padbury, Western Australia.  I also offer online consultations for those of you who are out of this area.

Over the years I have written a number of Educational Workshops to help people learn "How to grow their own food and Medicine".  I am now bringing all those workshops back.  Nowadays I think it is important we go back to our grassroots and grow our food and medicine again.  If this interests you, take a look at the workshops I have on offer at the moment.  I am adding new ones all the time so if you would like to be kept up to day sign up for my monthly newsletter.

That brings me to what I am doing in the next chapter of my wonderful life. I have just recently bought a clinic called "The Green Gingko".  The Green Gingko has been around for about 10 years now and is well known for their expert knowledge in naturopathy and their in-house diagnostic tools.  The Green Gingko has helped so many people over the past 10 years to live much healthier lives and I will continue to do the same.

In my new clinic, I will look into your health issue holistically and energetically.  I assess you as an individual as we are all different in our own ways.  I use herbal medicine, diet, offer lifestyle changes, and nutritional supplements.  Herbs will help your body to start to think for itself again and supplements, which are important today, because the food we eat is lacking a lot of the minerals and vitamins that our bodies need to survive. I have a number of in-house diagnostic tools I also use to assess your health issues. 

If you would like to come in and have a chat about your health issues you can book a consultation through our online booking service.

Looking forward to seeing you either in my clinic or at my workshops.

Happy growing and healthy living

Leesa xx

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