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Muscle Liniment

Muscle Liniment

Oak Tree Herbal Clinic
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Our Muscle Liniment has been formulated by our Master Herbalist specifically to be used to treat minor aches and pains of the muscles, tendons and ligaments.

The Ingredients in our Muscle ointment were traditionally used for;

Solomon SealOne of the constitutions in Solomon's Seal is allantoin and may counteract the inflammatory response for injuries related to the muscular-skeletal systems.  Solomon's Seal works on sprains and strains inflamed tendons, ligaments, muscles and joints. Solomon Seal can either loosen or tighten a muscle/tendons/ligament bringing them back to normal.  

Horsetailcontains Kynurenic acid, which reduces inflammation and pain, as well as silica, which supports collagen production.

Teaselhelps strengthen the bones and tendons and prevents damage from wear and tear. It also promotes the circulation of blood and helps “moisten” the joints.

Black Cohosh -Reduce musculoskeletal pain and spasms and calm the nervous system

Chickweedhas powerful anti-inflammatory compounds that help it ease discomfort and pain. 

Sage - has antioxidants that boast anti-inflammatory properties.  It is slightly warming and has anti-spasmodic actions, which help to ease tense or aching muscles

Mulleindecrease inflammation and serves as a natural remedy for bone and joint pain.  Matthew Wood says in one of his books "It releases synovial fluid into the bursa and disperses internal fluids into the surrounding tissues, lubricating joints, muscles, bones, and ligaments."

Turmeric - There is some evidence to suggest that turmeric could help reduce the pain experienced after exercise.  Those who had taken curcumin experienced a reduction in their muscle pain, plus they recovered quicker from the workout too.

Linseed Oil - 

How to Use:

Put a small amount of the liniment on your fingers and massage gentle to affected area.  


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