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Oak Tree Herbal Clinic

Purify Pet Parasite Paws - Pet Botanicals

Purify Pet Parasite Paws - Pet Botanicals

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Introducing Purify Pet Parasite Paws Herbal Medicine

At Oak Tree Herbal Clinic, we prioritize the holistic health and well-being of your cherished pets. Our Purify Pet Parasite Paws Herbal Medicine is meticulously formulated with a potent blend of natural herbs, including black walnut, cloves, wormwood, oregano grape, cleavers, thyme, and sweet annie, to provide comprehensive parasite defense and support your pet's vitality.


The Challenge: Holistic Parasite Defense

Parasites pose a significant threat to your pet's health and happiness. Our herbal medicine offers a natural solution to help safeguard your pet against parasites, promoting optimal wellness without the use of harsh chemicals or synthetic additives.


Key Ingredients for Comprehensive Protection

Our Purify Pet Parasite Paws Herbal Medicine harnesses the power of nature's bounty:

Black Walnut: Known for its ability to expel intestinal parasites.

Cloves: Contains compounds that eliminate parasites and their eggs.

Wormwood: Traditionally used to cleanse the digestive tract and support gut health.

Oregon Grape: Rich in berberine, which combats parasites and maintains digestive balance.

Cleavers: Supports lymphatic drainage and immune function.

Thyme: Exhibits antibacterial and anti-parasitic properties.

Sweet Annie: Contains compounds effective against various parasites.


Instructions for Use

To maximize the efficacy of our herbal medicine, we recommend the following regimen:

Start administering Purify Pet Parasite Paws Herbal Medicine to your pet two days before the full moon.

Continue administering the herbal medicine for the two days following the full moon, totalling five days of treatment.

Pause the treatment regimen after the five-day period and resume the same protocol during the next two months, aligning with the lunar cycle.


Why Lunar Cycle?

The lunar cycle has long been associated with natural rhythms and influences various biological processes. Starting our herbal medicine regimen around the full moon helps synchronize treatment with the lifecycle of parasites, enhancing its effectiveness.


Why Choose Purify Pet Parasite Paws Herbal Medicine?

Natural Ingredients: Crafted with pure, potent herbs for holistic parasite defense.

Lunar Cycle Protocol: Optimizes treatment timing for enhanced efficacy.

Safe and Effective: Gentle on your pet's system, yet powerful against parasites.


Protect Your Pet Naturally

Empower your pet to thrive with Purify Pet Parasite Paws Herbal Medicine from Oak Tree Herbal Clinic. Take the natural approach to parasite defense and provide your pet with the care they deserve. Try our herbal medicine today and embark on a journey to holistic wellness for your beloved companion.


Unlock your pet's renewed vitality post-parasite cleanse with our VitalityBoost Herbal Tincture, specially formulated to support their recovery journey and promote lasting well-being.


How to Dose


0.5 kg – 4.5kg = 1-3 drops 2-3 x day

4.5kg – 10 kg = 3-5 drops 2-3 x day

10kg – 22kg = 5-10 drops 2-3x day

50kg onwards = 10 – 20 drops 2-3 x day

Start slow and slowly build up eg.  3 drops for first week, then increase second week to full dose. Remain on the dosage for a few weeks, then decrease slowly.  If symptoms return start again.


5 drops 2 x day with a strong-smelling food (to disguise) otherwise if you cat is brave you can place the drops inside their mouth.  Start slow and slowly build up eg.  3 drops for first week, then increase second week to full dose. Remain on the dosage for a few weeks, then decrease slowly.  If symptoms return start again.

May contain trace amounts of alcohol.  If you want to take the alcohol out of your tincture, then take lid off bottle, simmer slowly till water starts to bubble (only slightly bubbling) remover, then your done.  This will help to evaporate the alcohol from your tincture.

This website is for educational purposes only. The information provided here is not a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult with a qualified veterinarian or healthcare professional for specific concerns or issues related to your pet's health.
While natural therapies can be valuable in supporting your pet's health, it's crucial to emphasize that consulting with a qualified veterinarian may also be essential.  When incorporating natural therapies alongside conventional medicine for your pets, it's crucial to exercise caution and be aware of potential contraindications. Certain herbs or supplements may interact with prescribed medications, affecting their efficacy or causing unintended side effects, underscoring their importance.   Consulting with a veterinarian experienced in integrative approaches will help to ensure the well-being of your furry companions.
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