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Flower Essencec - Purple and Red Kangaroo - 30ml

Flower Essencec - Purple and Red Kangaroo - 30ml

Living Essence
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Positive Qualities






Problem Target






Holding Hands of Love

The essence to inspire a new perspective of understanding in a relationship, enhancing sensitivity and a positive approach to problems without blame.  To seek mutual solutions that inspire thrust and the forming of new aspects of Love.

Mind – Common Uses:

For those in relationship problems who cannot get past their reactions to the other person.

For those who can only discuss things by bickering and criticizing the other person.

For partners to drop the blame game and concentrate on sensitivity to the other person, thus allowing constructive rebuilding of trust and other solutions.  Helpful for objective self-analysis and re-balancing of partnerships with circular arguments of blame.

For parents of partners who are focused on their desires and ideals. 

They compound their own dissatisfaction because the less understanding they give their child or partner, the less positive responses they get, which in turn makes them feel justified in their self-centred approach.

The healing ensures that the focus of the problem is in the centre and not put onto the other person.  Being in touch with the other person and not focusing on winning a fight, or having their own way, many new possibilities arise to renew the relationship.  Often both partners need to take the essence.

Healing Pathway to the Soul

All problems between people need the sensitive approach, this means the ability to be in touch with how the other person feels, and what is needed for their journey.  It is easy to get caught in the Ping Pong game of reactions.  The ego does not want to submit, it wants to win, to feel satisfied with the other person being exposed as wrong.  This in itself should ring a warning bell for a person wanting to move in a more spiritual direction.  The little “I”, the personality of the Self, clamouring for attention, always gets what it wants at the expense of the Soul.  The soul can come through in actions of selflessness and wisdom.  We find that when we choose not to indulge the little “I”, and allow Soul expression. Problems have a way of becoming major leaps forward in human understanding.