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Flower Essence - White Nymph Waterlily (Miani) - 30ml

Flower Essence - White Nymph Waterlily (Miani) - 30ml

Living Essence
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Positive Qualities





Inner calm



Problem Target

Desires denied



Lack of vision

Seeker of the Soul

The essence of uncovering the deepest spiritual core.  The essence of tranquility that encourages pulling back the layers to reach the Soul lave.  To inspire using the higher Self to integrate and respond to Life from the most Universal perspective possible for one’s evolution at the time, rather than one’s personal perspective.  Helpful for spiritual practices such as meditation.

Mind – Common Uses;

For the spiritual aspirant, mediator.

For a person suddenly facing a grim challenge.

For those unable to find inner calm.

For those feeling the need for a new and wiser perspective during times of difficulty.

For those whose aspirations or desires are denied fulfillment, emotional frustration and irritation set in.  When this happens over a period of time they can end up feeling that life is unfair and this type of thinking further compounds the problem.

The healing settles the troubled waters of the emotions.  One is able to see the beauty and love in Life beyond the confines of personal desires, likes and dislikes.  Instead of getting frustrated one goes with the flow and allows a whole new vista of beauty to be experienced and enjoyed.  The essence stimulates desirelessness while enhancing the ability to enjoy what Life provides in the here and now. It spiritually stimulates inner contentment and desirelessness.

Healing Pathway to the Soul

The Soul waits patiently for the restless mind to settle, the mind pulling our being here and there in a quest for fulfilment.  Still the Soul waits.  The mind’s desires, when not focused on the Universal goal, lead us on many a frustrating pilgrimage.  Within us the clear lake of Consciousness remains unassailed, to reach that core, the mind must surrender to the Soul.