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Living Essence

Flower Essence - Wattle

Flower Essence - Wattle

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Positive Qualities

  • Alert
  • Wise
  • Mature
  • Aware
  • Responsible

Problem Target

  • Naïve
  • Scattered
  • Vulnerable
  • Avoid facing reality

Worldly Wise

The essence to steady the mind-focus and inspire facing up to the realities and consequences of choices.  To be alert to all aspects of a situation and be prepared to take them into account.  To have a mature and wise view of Life.  To avoid unnecessary dangers.

Mind – Common Uses;

For those showing shallow naivety.

For teenagers who don’t realize how vulnerable they make themselves to harm.

The person who doesn’t like to think of the consequences of their behaviour, the result being that they are irresponsible.

For those who make fun of caution.  Rebellion against caution.

For people who act scattily with a tendency to pass off important issues.

For those who leap into situations they are not ready for.

The mind which is steady, alert and aware helps to keep us out of harm’s way.  If parts of our nature do not like some of the realities of life, a scattered, mindless approach to important issues can be a way to avoid facing up to the truth.  Luck is then the only thing standing between us and the consequences of choices and actions, (for inaction), we make, Naivety, linked to lack of awareness or irresponsibility, can expose a person and those close to them to unnecessary trauma.

This healing steadies the mind-focus to face up to the realities of life.  The wisdom of good choices and the consequences of bad choices become clear.  When this is achieved fun and adventure will be rewarding experiences without hidden dangers.

Healing Pathway to the Soul

It is a much happier Path to look for wisdom than to ignore peril.  To look for wisdom and understanding of Life allows us much more freedom, and positive consequences.  To be foolhardy and ignore peril, hoping nothing bad will happen, leaves us in a state where we will have to learn through pain.  Naiveté will not protect us from the consequences of our choices.  However wisdom will give us the choice of which difficulties we are ready for, and which we need to avoid.


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