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Flower Essence - Starts's Spider Orchid - 30ml

Flower Essence - Starts's Spider Orchid - 30ml

Living Essence
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Positive Qualities






Problem Target






The Direct Approach

The essence of directness and straightforwardness.  Learning to deal with difficult people and situations in a benevolent but successful manner.  To stimulate the mid to focus on what is real and important, bringing out the courage within to cut through emotional smoke screens in communications with people.

Mind – Common Uses;

Dealing with people who think they have the power in a situation to take advantage of you.  Dealing with messy situations.

For those being too sensitive to the consequences of confronting someone who is dealing dishonestly with them or taking advantage of them, compromising the truth because of someone’s power over them.

For those who accommodate burdensome emotional attachments that are on a road to nowhere.

For those wanting peace and therefore not dealing with difficult issues in a straightforward manner.

This healing essence enables a person to be direct and straightforward when dealing with difficult people and situations.  Fearless of consequences, one refuses to accommodate the unfairness or game playing of others.  Free from the muddy waters of indecision and unhealthy sentimental attachments, the results are often clarity between people, and a learning process for those who have not been clear and objective. 

Healing Pathway to the Soul

To be benevolent can mean many things.  Benevolence is not always the soft and gentle course of action.  It can be the stormiest course of all.  The intent we have when dealing with people is the key.  When we come from a sincere and selfless perspective, with no hidden agendas or judgements, then we will do the best for a given situation.  This takes a resilient and a fearless approach, especially when dealing with people who are not fair or honest, or are playing with you for their own sport.  It is good to remember that by indulging them in their game, in the name of nicety, we empower them to do the same to the next person, and so perpetuate the problem and their Karma.