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Flower Essence - Spirit Faces (Banjine) - 30ml

Flower Essence - Spirit Faces (Banjine) - 30ml

Living Essence
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Positive Qualities






Problem Target

Focus on self



The Panoramic View

The essence of the selfless perspective where a true understanding of the individual’s place in the scheme of Life is understood.  To inspire an outlook where one’s personal concerns don’t have to be prominent and override all other concerns.  The decentralizing of one’s focus brings one in touch with the beauty and Joy that surrounds all Life and it can be appreciated anew.

Mind – Common uses

For those who wish to move towards a more spiritual and selfless state.

For the person in a central position in a family, group or organization who feels they are indispensable.  Often they’re pivotal to the workings of the collective and this can start giving them a false perspective on the importance of their personal needs.

For feelings of frustration with situations not turning out as one wants them to.  Continually talking about one’s own problems.

For people who are overly focused on their own feelings and needs.

This focus is insatiable; they feel they have certain needs to be fulfilled before they will have contentment.  It is an illusion, which dries them on, and there is never enough to slate their needy thirst.  In the process the “I” centred attitude prevents both a sense of peace and inner tranquility, and also the ability to lose the “self” and be at one with Life.

This healing decentralizes one’s focus which brings one in touch with the beauty and Joy that surrounds all Life, appreciating it anew this is the true fulfillment.

Healing Pathway to the Soul

When the personality gets attention, it very easily inflates and becomes distracted by its size.  The Soul perspective is then lost, often leading to Life’s lessons in Self-importance and the true place of the little “I” in the wider Cosmic play.  This can be so even when the person is involved in service to others and holds strong spiritual objectives.  The way one personalizes the attention and respect from others can become a subtle test as to the true depth of one’s spiritual nature.