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Flower Essence - Snake Vine - 30ml

Flower Essence - Snake Vine - 30ml

Living Essence
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Positive Qualities






Problem Target






The Encouragement

The essence of belief in and optimism about ourselves and our direction.  To bring back confidence and appreciation of our achievements even when all around is malice and doubt.  To have renewed vitality in goals and objectives making it possible to move out of the sphere of influence of negative projections into the free space of positivity and success.

Mind – Common Uses

To re-affirm self-worth and confidence when another person is projecting negativity, whether psychically, in the form of gossip, or veiled malice.

To bring back forward momentum when others have sown the seeds of self-doubt.

For a person who is the target of negativity and finds they are losing vitality

For people who are being undermined, often behind their back, and are losing confidence.

For uneasy feelings when dealing with people and one is not fully aware of their motives.

Those who trust people only to find they are abused, and information they have given is used against them. 

The healing brings self-confidence and a belief in one’s direction.  One then works positively on the way forward and is no waylaid by doubt.

Healing Pathway to the Soul

Optimism and confidence energize us and brighten our mind.  These positive feelings about ourselves only last, and can stand up to the test of negativity from others, when they are based on deep beliefs of the inner Self.  Anything that comes from more superficial parts of us is easily assailable and often crumbles under pressure.  The invincible optimism and confidence comes from knowing the Self so well and directing our activities from the noblest states of mind which we can wholeheartedly embrace.