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Flower Essence - Ribbon Pea - 30ml

Flower Essence - Ribbon Pea - 30ml

Living Essence
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Positive Qualities






Problem Target





Safe within the Universe

The essence of fearlessness.  To feel the safety of being.  To rise above fear and foreboding that stops positive attitudes and directions that are desired for a fulfilling life.  To dissolve the feelings of nameless dread, panic or ear of death.

Mind – Common Uses

For those who feel overwhelmed in a situation and want to flee.

For a person responding fearfully to a supposed or real threat.

The person facing traumatic surgery.

The refugee who has seen much death and destruction.

A person facing thoughts of the reality of death after experiencing someone dying.

A person feeling intense fear and anxiety.

This essence is for the fear of the unknown, fear of annihilation and what might happen to oneself.

The healing takes away the fear and brings a realization of how destructive and unnecessary it is.  The situation can then be faced fearlessly.  As irrational or as logical as the fear may seem to be, one must be in touch with the realities of Life and living which are the real challenges.  By halting the far response one can regain composure and go forward.

Healing Pathway to the Soul



There is only transformation in this Universe.  There is no end.  Every Pathway goes on to the next place of renewal.  When we were young we lost one baby body and got an adolescent one, then we lost that to take up the adult one.  We can lose so many different forms and mind states to transcend to others in one lifetime let alone many lifetimes.  Fear brings us nothing but a distraction to our challenges in Life, and takes us from the sweet experience of our eternal Soul.