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Flower Essence - Reed Triggerplant - 30ml

Flower Essence - Reed Triggerplant - 30ml

Living Essence
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The Rejuvenation

The essence to recharge after a long struggle.  To bring back the feeling of wholeness of being where ones integral self is restored.  To heal and then integrate and revitalize the parts of the mind and body that feels worn down.  To restore inner strength, unify the mind and regain the ability to withstand the rigours of one’s life.

Mind – Common Uses

For the person who has never recovered their strength after an accumulation of hardships.

For feelings of anxiety, losing one’s memory, feelings of instability.

Being unable to cope with life in general.

For situations when a person, with the accumulation of all the experiences of life which were bruising, hurtful or traumatic, feels unstable and unable to cope.  They become more and more fragile and anxious about their life situation.

A person who has lost connection to many parts of their being due to hurt or trauma will find it more and more difficult to function as time goes on.  Even after an immediate trauma they can feel disjointed and almost out of touch with reality.  They may not realize that it is the build-up effect that is really devastating them now.

The healing helps bring back the feeling of wholeness of being where ones integral Self is restored, integrating and revitalizing the parts of the mind that are full of trauma, and therefore being kept isolated in the mind to prevent further trauma.  Once the person feels their inner strength restored, the mind is unified and has the inherent ability to withstand the trusts and parries of life and can go forward.

Healing Pathway to the Soul

Resilience is a feature of human beings.  One can always be amazed at what amount of adversity e can experience, and be devastated by, and yet still hold on to Life.  A long and continual battle of this nature can only be survived with the continual healing of the inner Self and its very vitality.  We must also face the reason why these events are repeated, and what is the lesson we are not learning thereby prolonging our agony.