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Living Essence

Flower Essence - Red Leschenaulta

Flower Essence - Red Leschenaulta

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Positive Qualities

  • Sensitize
  • Melting
  • Bliss
  • Love
  • Closeness
  • Gentility

Problem Target

  • Cold
  • Harsh
  • Uncaring
  • Closed
  • Contempt for
  • Weakness

The Merging of Souls

The essence of gentleness and sensitivity, of experiencing bliss in relationships.  To re-open the heart, engendering empathy with the struggles of others which then becomes an opportunity for openness and merging of Souls.  Helpful to bring sweetness back to relationships, when harshness and brittle attitudes are stopping Love, Joy and closeness of life together.

Mind – Common Uses

For those who have become hardened because in the distant past they have come to the conclusion this is the only way to survive.  They cut out and deny all sensitivities towards others.

For those who wish to know true intimacy with another, who find it hard to open up to affection.

For those who find that the hardness o the workaday world is becoming part of them and is stopping sweet spaces between them and their loved ones.

For working couples who can’t leave the world at the door when they come home, and want to be left alone.

For those who have become harsh and uncaring, even beginning to despise the weaknesses of others.

For those who lose empathy and care only for themselves.  Those who have contempt for weakness.

This essence is excellent for couples to use in a Bath therapy.

The healing activates the desire to Love and give sweetness, and a desire for the beautiful subtleties of intimate relationships.

It dissolves the hardness and enables deep trust and closeness, with exquisite sensitivity.

Healing Pathway to the Soul

What a treasure it is to have a deep and sweet relationship with another person, to be completely open to giving and receiving Love, to know a sacred trust.  This is a spiritual experience, a small reflection of the Great Oneness that is the true nature of all Life.  When two people can be deeply open to each other it is an inspiration for all, showing how one day all humanity can enjoy such loving Oneness.


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