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Living Essence

Flower Essence - Red Beak Orchid

Flower Essence - Red Beak Orchid

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Positive Qualities

  • Enthusiasm
  • Resolve
  • Responsible
  • Desire
  • Holistic

Problem Target

  • Uninspired
  • Lethargic
  • Frustrated
  • Rebellious
  • Divided

Embracing Wholeness

The essence of renewing energy and inspiration to attend to all facets of life creatively and with equal enthusiasm.  To be dynamic.  To resolve the internal conflict between desire and duties, personal expression and responsibilities.  To work on Life as a whole rather than separating it into antagonistic pieces.

Mind – Common Uses

For those experiencing lethargy, listlessness and inability to get enthusiastic about their life.

For an problem with getting up in the morning, or sleeping too often during the day

For adolescent and midlife dilemmas of rebellion or frustration about duties and family ties.

For those who cannot see how they can truly enjoy their life and maintain their job, family or other foundations of their life.  They may resign themselves pessimistically or become hedonistic, because they can’t see how they can attend to both directions simultaneously.

For those who fluctuate between being responsible and then totally neglecting their responsibilities.

For those suffering from burn out.

The healing resolves the conflict in the mind that our creative desires and wishes for fulfillment always have to be at odds with our relationships and other commitments.  It brings the realization that one must use breadth of vision; creativity and good energy to make sure all parts of life are developing equally.  The bringing together of the split energy-mind directions rings about a renewed zest for life and enthusiasm to work things out holistically.

Healing Pathway to the Soul

Any road is a very hard road to walk hen we are in two minds about where we are going.  So many aspects of our being can be calling out for desires to be fulfilled in different ways.  To integrate ourselves as a whole all desires can be channelled into one major direction.  This can be done without causing damage to ourselves or others when the direction is a spiritual one, because spiritual means all aspects are developed in harmony.  This process brings us the boon of always looking forward to Life’s experiences and having a mind full of vigour and optimism.


Herbal Naturopathic/Nutritional Appointments - in Person and On line

If you would like to have a more tailored approach to your health concerns you can book in to see our Herbal Naturopath. (you will be transferred to our sister companies online booking service) She will look at you as an individual and look into your specific needs through holistic and evidence-based approach to wellness.  Herbal Naturopathic principles are based on treating each person as an individual and treatment plans are designed to treat you as a whole person and not just your presenting symptoms.


By purchasing this product, you acknowledge that you are aware of and understand the potential risks, contraindications and any possible complications associated with your product selection.  Oak Tree Herbal Clinic's Herbal preparations are manufactured under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).  If you are being treated for any illness and are taking prescription medication for an illness, seek a Health Professionals consent for herbs you might be considering, either alone or as complementary therapies.  Do not try to self-diagnosis or attempt self-treatment for serious or long-term problems without first consulting a qualified practitioner or doctor.  Always consult a professional if symptoms persist.  Information on the web page is for educational purposes only.
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