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Flower Essence - Rabbit Orchid - 30ml

Flower Essence - Rabbit Orchid - 30ml

Living Essence
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The Unmasking of the Soul

The essence to find the true and deeper Self.  Revealing and freeing for inner growth.  To relieve the need to project anything other than what one truly is.  Not to rely on external images and masks but to desire honest and meaningful connections to people.  Frustration with shallow, empty and obligatory relationships is brought to an end by seeking the greater depth in the Self and other people.

Mind – Common Uses;

For those who rely on maintaining false or idealistic images of themselves to people so they will be liked and accepted, (I.e. insecurity)

For those who show whatever face people want to see to ensure their own personal advancement.

For the socialite who can only maintain superficial relationships.

Helpful with all types of psychotherapy and counselling to get past protective facades to the inner riches.

For those who wish to unmask their Soul and be true to themselves.

The healing takes away the fear of the consequences of just being who you are.  It elevates the mind to a perspective from where a desire is born to be one with one’s Self and to have the satisfactions of relationships with other where you are loved for your Self.

Healing Pathway to the Soul

We learn from the time we are very young that people like a smiling face.  Later we see how people respond to flattery or to being indulged in a conversation about themselves.  From early on the masks start to be created behind which our true nature becomes hidden, - eventually even to ourselves.  We can become unsure of what is the mask and what we have become on the inside.  To let go of all the masks is to reveal the Self and allow it to have the consequences from Life which it needs to learn and grow.  Masks limit our experience and interaction with Life which enhance our wisdom.  To be truly at one with the Self, to know Self-acceptance, is to know Pearce of mind.