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Flower Essence - Purple Flag Flower - 30ml

Flower Essence - Purple Flag Flower - 30ml

Living Essence
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Positive Qualities






Problem Target





The Release

The essence of relief and release.  To create a way for the build-up of pressure and tension to escape, and allow healing and relaxation of body and mind.  To enhance the unwinding process and to release the sense of having to react automatically tensely to situations.

Mind – Common Uses

For those who feel rising stress and find themselves on the edge of a breakdown. 

For those who can’t find a way to unwind, or that normal relaxing activities no longer work.

The healing brings a releasing, like having a valve which regulates how much pressure is healthful, and letting go of whatever is not.  The person is then not caught in the tense response to life situations.

Healing Pathway to the Soul

No matter how much pressure we build up and throw at our Life we may not be able to move even a speck of dust.  It is not the amount of hectic we produce that makes things go right, that makes things happen, but our general purposefulness and directness towards inner goals.  Some may try to keep ahead on their journey by staying tense and ready for anything, but they are likely to blow out.  Acceptance of situations and working with them in an open way brings better all round results.