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Flower Essence - Pink Trumpet Flower - 30ml

Flower Essence - Pink Trumpet Flower - 30ml

Living Essence
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Positive Qualities




Mental vigour


Problem Target





Energy and Focus

The essence of strength of focus.  To harness the inner strength of purpose and direct it towards important goals.  Encourages achievement through new mental directness.  Helpful for those who find difficulty in maintain purpose, who feel they get lost half way through a through process or activity.  Excellent for attaining healing objectives.

Mind – Common Uses;

For the person who cannot follow their thoughts through, losing energy and focus and sometimes not realizing they have drifted away from and forgotten what they were setting out to achieve.

For those who get frustrated with themselves for not keeping “on the ball”.

For those who feel bad about themselves because they feel their mind isn’t strong enough to focus properly and achieve like others do.

The healing brings a centering and consolidation of the mind to an internal point.  From this point the mind can maintain its vigour on the work or situation at hand until it is completed.

Healing Pathway to the Soul

There are many distractions for us as we seek to work through and work on the different aspects of our Life.  When our internal strength is low it is far harder to maintain momentum, for the mind will lead us away to the external objects which dance in front of us demanding attention.  It is so easy to be led away.  It takes effort to stay on track, effort to stay focused and fuel internal strength.