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Flower Essence - Pink Fairy Orchid - 30ml

Flower Essence - Pink Fairy Orchid - 30ml

Living Essence
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Positive Qualities



Inner peace




Problem Target






Carrying Inner Peace

The essence of inner serenity, equipoise, and maintaining one’s own strength in all situations.  To calm the inner core, enabling a person to carry their inner peace with them and to be discerning as to what elements of the external world they will allow to activate their attention.

Mind – Common Uses

For those stressed by environmental chaos or pressure.  Helpful for those easily influenced and changed by noises clamour or emotionally charged environments.

For those who tend to get caught in other people’s panic or hysteria.

For those who are frustrated by their inability to maintain their “space” because the external surroundings impact on them too greatly.

For those with weak nerves who find their life stressfull 

The healing strengthens the sense of the inner Self with its inner peace, allowing the person to pass through or be in different environments, both unassailed and discriminating as to which external stimuli are to be responded to.

Healing Pathway to the Soul

To maintain inner sanctity of the Self amidst the many distractions that come our way is a very useful development.  Everything around us seems to clamour for attention when we don’t have our inner being in charge nor maintain a heightened sense of discrimination.  This art of carrying our inner peace with us, wherever we are, is part of truly knowing our own strength, and maintaining it.