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Flower Essence - Parakeelya - 30ml

Flower Essence - Parakeelya - 30ml

Living Essence
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Positive Qualities

Self esteem



Inner strength


Problem Target



Work horse


To Assert Fairness

The essence of self-esteem and assertiveness.  For hard working people feeling increasingly lonely and sad because they are unappreciated and treated like a reliable workhorse.  This essence restores the sense of self dignity and inner strength, not to withdraw, but to be actively part of society and able to assert ones rights as an individual.

Mind - Common Uses;

People who are dependable can be taken for granted, particularly when they are passive.  Without appreciation and co-operation from others a sadness sets in and the person feels they just want to be alone and get on with their thankless life.  Because they don’t assert their rights the positive feedback they need for encouragement doesn’t come.  They walk away empty handed and disillusioned.

The healing inspires an ability to say no to those who try to use them, and not compromise their inner worth.  Although conflicts can arise, they are a healthy re-balancing of energy, which helps the unhealthy situation to turn into a positive one, where the person can be part of Life with full enthusiasm. 

Healing Pathway to the Soul

Humility is often expressed as a weakness and bowing to strength rather than a benevolent strength which knows no compromise.  To serve Life with humility and Love enhances every aspect of our being.  This must be carefully distinguished from simply being a doormat and taking the line of least resistance.  If we allow others to dominate us we are doing ham in allowing an unhealthy state to be continually fed.  Our responsibility is to see that we, and others are engaged in healthy interactions that increase Joy.