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Flower Essence - Pale Sundew - 30ml

Flower Essence - Pale Sundew - 30ml

Living Essence
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Positive Qualities







Problem Target






The Light of Conscience

The essence of awakening and purification of the heart.  The essence of conscience.  For those who get caught in rapacious, manipulative power playing for their own gain, losing sight of the reality of natural Karma where Life asserts justice.  A person with raised consciousness sees the futility of what they are doing and the effects on others.  As the light of conscience pierces the darkness a new person is born.

Mind – Common Uses

The mind that prides itself on abilities to control and manipulate people is bound to have problems in relationships with others.  Theirs is a particularly hard from of superiority complex which does not like to be thwarted.  If someone escapes their game they pursue them ever more vigorously until they win, but in the process expose themselves, their duplicity and selfish aims.

The healing inspires the surfacing of their conscience ling since suppressed so they could have their own way.  Realizations come readily then about the repulsiveness of their actions and genuine sentiments of shame arise.  They feel a sickening impact at the thought of the excitement they got out of the game they played.  The mind can then see that such ambitions of exploitation are a waste of precious time when Life could be full of the beauty of love and friendship.

Healing Pathway to the Soul

Every action creates an equal reaction this is the law of Karma.  It is a natural flow which ensures balance and transformation in creation.  Everything in the Cosmos is linked to everything else.  One action vibrates waves that flow and bounce off other forms and lead to events.  Anyone who thinks they are above this natural flow of the Universe will find out how real it is when they natural consequences of their actions come flowing back to them.