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Flower Essence - Menzies Banksia - 30ml

Flower Essence - Menzies Banksia - 30ml

Living Essence
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Positive Qualities







Problem Target






To live again

The essence of rebirth, of looking forward to tomorrow’s experiences.  To open to the strength of Joy with pain cannot touch.  To move on through and past pain without fear and expectations of repetitions, without closing doors to Life.  Especially in the realms of human relations, this fear and hesitation blocks joyful new beginnings.. This essence encourages regeneration, renewal and courage, using painful experiences as an opportunity for greater depth and a source of determination to move forward.

Mind - Common Uses;

Painful experiences can form a barrier to future good experiences.  If the painful experience is not healed then part of the person is caught in a time warp where that pain always exists.  Every experience is then only seen through the distorted lens of the past.  This means that one hurtful relationship will generate suspicion that hurt will come from every other relationship that after a betrayal the person is distrustful of others.  Being caught in this script blocks out new opportunities for happiness.  For the person caught up in their pain and not able to see beyond it.  For those trying to transcend pain. 

The healing brings regeneration to people, renewing joy, wisdom and optimism that with what they have learnt, and with a healed heart, tomorrow will certainly bring more happiness.  Their new depth of feeling enables them to walk through Life loving, yet fearless.

Healing Pathway to the Soul

The purpose of pain can be seen as a lesson, but for many it is a brick wall, a halt in their development as a human being.  To use the holocaust as a means of regeneration and renewal is to conquer all negativity and claim the fearlessness and joy within you as your birthright.  The past then is truly past.