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Flower Essence - Macrozamia - 30ml

Flower Essence - Macrozamia - 30ml

Living Essence
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Positive qualities




Sexual Wholeness

Love Union


Problem Target



Sexual problems

Negative images

The Balance of the Yin and Yang

The essence to restore equilibrium to the Sex/water chakra.  To free the mind form masculine and feminine stereotypes and dogma.  The union of Love between the male and female.  For healing and restoring the balance to all aspects of female/male, Yin/Yang energy flows.  To release blockages to these primal and vital flows.  Also helpful in physical manifestations of these blockages such as restoring balance to the water element in the body as this essence basically re-harmonizes the sex/water chakra and related glands.

Mind – Common Uses:

Negative sexual imbalance can come about due to many influences. 

Unhealthy imagery of sexuality as a child, lack of healthy sexual definition from parents (who were undeveloped themselves), sexual trauma or distasteful experiences from childhood, early teens, or at any time in a person’s life.  This may lead to a freezing up, a desert or a flood tide of sexual expression.

People may react to the inner imbalance by focusing on sexuality out of proportion to other needs of their being, or by continually attracting the wrong sort of person to them, and thus perpetuate the negative emphasis in their minds.  Self-esteem and being able to trust anyone will suffer as a consequence.

A different direction for the unbalanced focus and negative development to take is brought about by the effect of rejection of strong sexual advances which leads to cruel and dominating behaviour.

For those who feel a sense of worthlessness because they do not feel complete in themselves.

For those with sexual problems such as frigidity and impotency.

For those with sexual inhibitions, or who find it hard to be open emotionally or sexually.

The healing brings about a balance of the primal states of Yin and Yang and manifests them into a wholeness of being.  Any blocks are then dissolved and the Life enhancing energy can move through the person’s being, and each of the feminie and masculine polarities and their forms in our being are enriched.

Healing Pathway to the Soul

Each person has the forces of masculine and feminine within themselves.  Each person is a symbol of the two great attracting opposites of Life.  Two important lessons for human beings are; firstly that they must harmonize these forces within themselves and secondly they must harmonize the forces between the two sexes of human beings who share the planet.  It is a great challenge to unify opposites, to see the complementary nature they hold for each other, to remember that it is only when harmony and a loving union exists that happiness is possible.

For spiritual liberation the higher union of Love between these two aspects within ourselves has to be achieved.