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Flower Essence - Leafless Orchid - 30ml

Flower Essence - Leafless Orchid - 30ml

Living Essence
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Positive Qualities







Problem Target



Worn out



Control from the Centre

The essence of centralizing energy and focus, to ensure the maintenance of wholeness.  Stimulating the inner core of one’s being to take control of Life situations.  It helps one to withdraw from peripheral concerns and focus on what is of primary importance.  The effect is to deepen understanding of what caring for and helping a person can really mean, to know also when to stand back or that persons deeper welfare.  Helpful for feelings of depletion in those whose work or life is in the service of others.

Mind – Common Uses

For people who tend to “give themselves away”, and find they are exhausted in every way, and have to get away from people to allow recuperation and this is not always possible.  Very often these are caregivers in “people” jobs such as therapists, nurse’s teachers, parents, group organizers.  The unbalanced response comes from a lack of proper and considered perspective, although coming from a benevolent desire to be of help.

For benevolent people suffering from “burn out”.

For those who fail to deal with the primary causes of their problems.

For those (sometimes termed “do-gooders”) who help others but more in a peripheral way and not really in a way that is deep or meaningful.  This means they have to keep giving away their time and energy which could have been utilized, for the other person, much more wisely.

The healing brings a person to their centre from where they ascertain deeply the needs of individuals and individual situations.  Any efforts are then not wasted and the frugality keeps energy at a constant.

Healing Pathway to the Soul

There are many ways in which we can help ourselves and others.  What may superficially at first seem like a need can really mask other problems.  We need to take an overview into account to be really of productive help.  Taking the higher and more all-encompassing perspective and coming from a calm centre, we can assess the primary needs and give exactly that which is required for the real need.