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Flower Essence - Illyarrie - 30ml

Flower Essence - Illyarrie - 30ml

Living Essence
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Positive Qualities








Problem Target





Suppressed memory

Fearless Contemplation

The essence of valour to overcome painful memories hiding in the subconscious.  The essence of Joy and courage to face and deal with past shadows and pain.  To inspire the knowledge that there is no hidden pain what can’t be dealt with, it is never as bad as you fear, it will not overwhelm you, and you are stronger than it.

Mind – Common Uses;

For people who are living without being able to feel joy, there is hidden pain, like a dark cloud, casting a shadow over them.  Some past experience, which they consciously remember of which lies in their subconscious, has not been healed.

To help people get through the healing of painful memories.

For suppressed memory.

For those who avoid dealing with current situations, the suppressed cause being painful memories.

Helpful also in psychotherapy, re-birthing and past life therapy to uncover forgotten or hidden experiences affecting the present state of being.

Healing Pathway to the Soul

The subconscious pain of past experiences can cast a shadow over our lives.  Joy is then always tinged with sadness, or even not able to be felt at all.  It is in the hidden recesses of our own mind, where thoughts and all the atmospheres, emotions and triggers to other scenes from our past are held.  We must take up the task to heal ourselves.  The dragon we are facing is really just ourselves, our unconscious fears.  When we finally face the dragon we see that it was not so fearsome, and healing ourselves we can enjoy and appreciate our Life.