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Flower Essence - Hops Bush - 30ml

Flower Essence - Hops Bush - 30ml

Living Essence
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Positive Qualities






Problem Target




Scattered energy


The Mind at Rest

The essence of relaxation and release.  Earthing excessive scattered energy and re-establishing a natural and healthy flow which feeds the needs of activity, without over stimulating the mind.  With this inner mental and physical peace one fells back in control of one’s Life and can have balanced states of rest and activity.

Mind – Common Uses

Used in cases of the frenetic, active person.  The hyperactive child. 

For people who have been in fearful or over-stimulated states for a long period of time and now they can’t relax their body or mind when they need to.

When the etheric body is too highly strung you find people who are naturally tense and affected by the little inconsequential happenings in their life.  This over-stimulates their nervous system and they find it hard to relax.  They can often see no cause as to why they are unable to switch off.

This essence relaxes the etheric body and thereby relaxes unbalanced nerve activity.

Healing Pathway to the Soul

We can sometimes forget the reality that our mind directly and indirectly is the master of our body, the master of our brain.  We also can forget that the Soul is the master of our mind.  When the parallelism between body and mind waves lose their synchronicity we feel the havoc on every level.  It is at these times that we can appreciate the need to be more in touch with the deepest part of our being which creates harmony between our body, mind and Spirit.