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Flower Essence - Happy Wanderer - 30ml

Flower Essence - Happy Wanderer - 30ml

Living Essence
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Positive Qualities






Problem Target




Emotionally dependent

The Freedom of Independence

The spirit of self-assurance, the realization of self-reliance and determination.  To inspire standing one one’s own feet, to be able to believe in and achieve with one’s own strength.  To believe in one’s own strength.  To believe in one’s own ability to attract into the Self that which one needs.  Helpful for trepidation about striking out on a new path less travelled by others, being able to let go of the need for a backup person or simply fear of doing things alone.

Mind – Common Uses

For people who find it too challenging to do things by themselves.  They feel more comfortable when someone else is with them.

For those who in one area of their life do not feel confident enough to follow a new path which the majority of people around them do not tread..

For people who do not have confidence in their ability to attract a partner into their life and so do not project themselves in a way that anyone can notice them.

Also for those who are not confident that they can attract a partner simply by being themselves, and instead project bravado and try to use an over assertive or dominating approach.

The healing enables an appreciation of the Self, its power to withstand the thorns on the road, and to accept the inner beauty of individuality.  The belief in the Self and its potential opens up opportunities for experiencing greater happiness.

Healing Pathway to the Soul

No one in this Universe is ever alone.  Eternally with, and integral to us, is the Consciousness of the Great.  Although insignificant if we try to make our little “I” seem vast and important, when we flow as part of the Universal “I” there is nothing we can be afraid of.  The individual Soul on its journey is continually attracting Life to itself.  The beauty of its individuality as part of the Universal Soul ensures its success.