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Flower Essence - Hairy Yellow Pea - 30ml

Flower Essence - Hairy Yellow Pea - 30ml

Living Essence
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Waiting for the Wave

The art of timing and decision making.  The essence of patience in finding direction in Life which leads to peaceful settling of the mind.  This patience allows time for the consolidation of experiences so one can make decisions with greater wisdom and determination, and not be influenced into erratic action driven by one’s own anxiety.

Mind – Common Uses

For the person anxiously facing choices they are not ready to make.

For those who are trying to keep many activates going because they are unsure of which ones to focus on.

For people anxious about the choices in front of them.  There are times when a they have to make a decision or choices about their life but are not in the position to do so wisely.  It can be that they are young, inexperienced, amidst other rises, or unable to see the wood for the trees.  With the enhancement of patience and a stilled mind, the person can make interim decisions, waiting for the right time, to read the flow of Life correctly and make their move.

Helpful to enhance the intuitive understanding of one’s Life direction. 

The healing enables the mind to settle and be patient until enough understanding is developed to make wise choices.

Healing Pathway to the Soul

We can spend our whole life waiting to be ready.  It is the small steps we take while assessing Life from the deepest perspective that help us to be fully part of Life and also to be learning at the same time.  Then when the more poignant moments of opportunity com, we recognise them and make the most of them.