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Living Essence

Flower Essence - Golden Glory Grevillea

Flower Essence - Golden Glory Grevillea

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Positive Qualities

  • Open
  • Sociable
  • Confident
  • Expressive
  • Detached 

Problem Target

  • Withdrawing
  • Aversion
  • Shy
  • Wary
  • Cut off


The Coming Out

The essence of opening up and opening out.  Feeling the dignity of coming forward to take your place in Life, regardless of being vulnerable to exposure.  To be at ease with yourself while being with others people and not fear being open.  Confidence for those who feel more comfortable withdrawing from people than dealing with problems or criticism.  Enables one to detach from the tangled situations and judgmental attitudes of others and instead feel free to join in social situations.

Mind – Common Uses

For those who fear being exposed and are therefore wary of being open and vulnerable to others.

For those who hang back, tired of the turbulence of interactions with people and all the trouble that can be.  Often they are not conscious that this is why they are a “background” person, but they usually feel the lack of confidence.  They have perhaps been open and relaxed previously and this very characteristic has been used to their detriment by others  Now they feel the best solution is to shut people out.  This keeps other people out of their affairs.  If they are vulnerable or in a mess no one will know and be able to hurt them.  For children who don’t speak much, or at all, whom others may label as shy, who can be withdrawing from what they see as disturbing and confusing aspects of adults lives which they are part of.

For those who seem shy, but are really very wary of other people and of what can happen when allowing someone into their world.  For a person who feels unnecessarily modest, feeling shame about the naturalness of their body.

The healing brings a feeling of ease and openness in being part of other people’s lives, with a healthy sense of detachment and perspective on any difficulties that may arise.  There comes with this a confidence in being able to handle such events without any fear of the personal exposure that this situation may bring.

Healing Pathway to the Soul

Life in society is a picnic to which all need to bring their “goodies” – their special and unique contributions to the collective flow.  If some cannot contribute something to the feast because of past unpleasant experiences of exposure, then the whole society misses out on their talents.


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