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Flower Essence - Goddess Grasstree - 30ml

Flower Essence - Goddess Grasstree - 30ml

Living Essence
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Positive Qualities





Unconditional Love


Problem Target









The Strength of the Patient Heroine

For the maturing of the female principle or women within.  For both man and women a metamorphosis to inner strength, nurturing sensitivity, patience and loving wisdom that is not emotionally dependent.  Helpful in releasing the feminine aspect into society.

Mind – Common Uses

For people who are either unable to bring out their nurturing, compassionate or patient side (underactive unbalanced feminine aspect) or who tend to resort only to their emotions to deal with relationships (overactive unbalanced feminine aspect).

Also for issues of mothering, such as using guilt to maintain control, not allowing independence for those in one’s care, or the other extreme of not being able to enjoy caring for and nurturing someone who is vulnerable, and in need of help.

First time mothers can be caught in such dilemmas and during pregnancy or early days of motherhood feel totally alien to the new role before them.

The healing, for men and women, is the maturing of the feminine aspect of strength which is necessary for a balanced attitude to oneself, to others, and to relationships.  This creates a strength which is nurturing caring, and yet helping to bring out strength in the other person.

Healing Pathway to the Soul

The instant response to shelter and protect that which is not yet strong, brings out the Universal Mother within us.  In this way we reflect the gentle principle which has sheltered us along our way and pays respect to the Life force which nurtures everything in Creation.  We then show the qualities of patience and understanding which greatly comfort fellow travellers.