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Flower Essence - Fountain Trigger Plant - 30ml

Flower Essence - Fountain Trigger Plant - 30ml

Living Essence
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Problem Target


Unable to cope



The Return of the Vital Force

The essence of restoring the vital force to one’s being, the fire Qi that sustains you, gives you vigour and physical stability.  To re-ignite the vital flame and the return of dynamism to the point where one can take over this most essential responsibility.  For the person who is losing the inner vitality which keeps one alive, either by a gradual draining on the physical level, or a cutting off in the subtle bodies.

Mind – Common Uses:

A lack of vital force.  The feeling that energy is slowly draining away and not returning.  In cases where people deny the needs of the physical body or a situation where the interfacing of the strength of their mind to their physical level is important and they can’t manage it. 

Healing Pathway to the Soul

In the Yogic concept of Prana, balance between the physical, mind and spiritual levels, is essential for human existence.  This triangle of states of being, when in harmonious development, gives the best foundation for the evolving of consciousness and the experience of fulfilment.  To be a human being is a precious gift, for a human lives in all the levels of existence and can consciously create harmony between them all.  So it is important to maintain the physical body in a healthy vital state where it will not let down the mind and the spiritual sides of our being and all can advance together.