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Flower Essence - Blue Leschenaultia - 30ml

Flower Essence - Blue Leschenaultia - 30ml

Living Essence
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Positive Qualities

  • Giving
  • Sharing
  • Open
  • Free
  • Generous

Problem Target

  • Voracity
  • Selfishness
  • Covetous
  • Hoarding
  • Petty

The Joy of Giving

The essence that inspires generosity and the openness to share what we have with others on all levels.  The opening of a window in the Soul that reveals the basic needs of fellow beings and then rekindles the desire to give with grace and benevolence.  Also helps to de-energize an unhealthy need to have and keep hold of material possessions.

Mind – Common Uses;

For people who try to avoid having to give of themselves or be generous.  Often they are puzzled as to why other people don’t have loving feelings for them.  For others relating to thses people it seems that these people are always suspicious of motives and wondering what others want from them.  When people get annoyed or start to reject them these unhelpful persons will seem not to understand why people are reacting to them in this way.

For the people who are too involved with the fleeting pleasures of material objects, hoarding, hiding and holding onto what they have.  This is really a very sad state of being and brings no joy at all.  For those with petty attitudes concerning what they own.

The healing enables to person to expand the mind beyond the tight constricting material focus, to benevolent, open and more carefree approach.  People and their feelings then become more important than “things”.

Healing Pathways to the Soul

The Universe gives freely and provides shelter and nourishment for all Life.  To go against this dynamic Universal flow is to invite distortion into our own lives.  Whenever we stem the tide of giving, our own lives become impoverished, sapped of happiness and sweetness.  Focusing on possessions does not give deep or lasting fulfillment and can often be the ruin of a relationship.  The spirit of sharing, and finding happiness in seeing the enjoyment of others, leads to a greater sense of the joys of togetherness and oneness.