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Blessed Thistle - Certified Organic

Blessed Thistle - Certified Organic

Oak Tree Herbal Clinic
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Cnicus benedictus

Folk medicine used blessed thistle tea for digestive problems, including gas, constipation, and stomach upset. This herb was also used—like its well-known relative, milk thistle1—for liver and gallbladder diseases.

Blessed Thistle (also known as Holy Thistle or St. Benedict’s Thistle) was given this name due to its reputation as a cure-all. Its Latin name, Cnicus Benedictus, was given because its ability to cure was considered a gift from God. It is perhaps most well-known for its usage with female related problems, though it should not be used during pregnancy.

Blessed thistle is regarded as an excellent general tonic for your health with a good range of medicinal benefits. It contains a variety of therapeutic properties including antimicrobial, emetic, diuretic, diaphoretic, astringent, emmenagogue, vermifuge and galactagogue properties. These natural actions are what gives blessed thistle so many of the medicinal uses including for jaundice, arthritis, fevers and dysmenorrhea while it can also naturally boost a woman’s lactation.

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