Lemon Myrtle - 10ml - Essential Oil

Lemon Myrtle - 10ml - Essential Oil

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Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil – Backhousia citriodora – is processed from the Lemon Myrtle tree, an everlasting tree which is often referred to as the Lemon Scented Myrtle tree. Indigenous to the warmer, wetter southern Queensland region, this evergreen tree is now grown commercially in the Northern Rivers area of Australia. There are some stands in the cooler climates of southern Australia, although this tree does not tolerate frosts well so should be well managed in those regions.

Lemon Myrtle is one of Heritage Oils’ best selling essential oils as its fresh, strong citrus note is popular for diffusing especially when in large areas and outdoors.

This oil is uplifting, relaxing, refreshing and clears the mind to improve concentration. The oil has been known to inhibit anaphylactic shock when inhaled (anecdotal evidence).

Our most popular products made with Lemon Myrtle essential oil are:

  • Handmade natural soaps where Lemon Myrtle the oil adds a perfect fresh, lemony aroma for bathing.
  • The Lemon Myrtle Hand and Body Lotion assists as an anti-fungal agent with proposed anti-microbial activity which could be considered as a sanitiser.
  • Lemon Myrtle shampoo and conditioner is uplifting and energising – a perfect start to a busy day

Do not use this oil directly on our skin as it is highly concentrated and can burn. Do not use it as a bath oil as it will burn your skin in the warm water.

Safe use of this beautiful oil is to keep it out of the reach of children, store below 30° and do not ingest. If pregnant get advice from a medical professional before using Lemon Myrtle oil.

The major plant chemicals are citral, geraniol, neral, cis citral

Lemon myrtle essential oil of Australia is an invigorating oil which freshens and cleans the air of the home or office. An uplifting, refreshing and cleansing oil which impregnates every sense of the body.  Diffuse Lemon Myrtle essential oil in the home or office environment. Just 2-3 drops in a vaporiser is enough to distribute a fresh lemony aroma to the atmosphere – eradicating stuffy odours. Use it as an air freshener in a mister, though be conservative as it has a strong citrus aroma and can be an irritant if in contact with the skin undiluted.