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Blend your own Herbal Teas Blends

Blend your own Herbal Teas Blends

Oak Tree Herbal Clinic
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Design your own Herbal Tea Blends

Commencing April 2021

You’ll learn how to combine and blend herbs to make a range of soothing herbal teas. You will discover how safely and effectively blend teas and learn about flavour, balance and visual appeal of herbal blends.  Tea has no sugar, no fat or sodium and the antioxidants in tea are celebrated for helping to neutralize free radicals.

 What we will cover in this workshop is:

  • Brief overview of the history of tea and tea blending

  • Learn how to grow and dry our own herbs

  • Learn the basics of choosing the perfect tea base.

  • Learn the health benefits of tea, herbs and spices

  • Understand flavours and combinations that work well in tea

  • How to formulate your own tea blends

  • Taste test our blended creations

You can learn at your own pace, and choose your herbs that suit you the best.  Our Master Herbalist/Naturopath will go through a number of herbs that you can choose from that suit your body and ailment.

Included in this online workshop is 1.5 hour (approx) PowerPoint presentation, also the following PDF files

  • Herbal actions and their meanings

  • variety of herbs and their medicinal properties

  • Herbal Tea blend master template

  • 10% Discount voucher for purchasing any of our organic Herbal Teas