Lavender Tasmania - 10ml - Essential Oil

Lavender Tasmania - 10ml - Essential Oil

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Lavender Tasmania Essential Oil – lavandular angustifolia – is one of the most sought after essential oil in the Heritage Oils collection.

This Lavender Tasmania Essential Oil is the classic French variety with a rich, sweet aroma that is both stimulating to the nose and calming to the mind.

Lavender was introduced to Australia and commercial sales began in 1921 from Tasmania, with small scale farms developing across Australia in Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia. As this oil is grown in many different regions, the soil types, climate ranges and environments will affect the odour profile of the oil and the percentages of plant chemicals which make up the oil. As an example there is a distinct difference between the lavender oil from Tasmania which has a slightly earthy note, to the lavender oil from plants grown in the higher regions in the French landscape and the flatter areas of Bulgaria.

Most lavender is harvested from plantations or integrated crops although in France they still harvest wild lavender which comes at a cost.


Lavender essential oil is very versatile and can be seen in many blends and products either for its sweet aroma or its gentle calming effect in a diffuser.

Heritage Oils uses lavender in soaps, balms, salves, hand-creams, shampoos and in the very popular diffuser blend Tranquillity.

Although a safe oil to use for all the family at any age, lavender should still be handled with care. Store below 30°, keep out of the reach of children, do not ingest and use with a carrier oil on the skin, by trying a skin test first. Seek advice if pregnant or breast feeding as like many essential oils there is not enough information to know that they are entirely safe.

Contains plant chemical compounds linalool which can be an irritant

Lavender is very versatile, from the temporary relief of headaches, irritability, stress, mild anxiety and tension – to aid relaxation. Lavender oil can relieve insomnia with a few drops on a tissue in bed at night. It will also aid in the symptomatic relief of minor burns, cuts and abrasions and helps relieve muscular aches, pains and cramps. It can be blended with almost any essential and vegetable oil. Try adding it to your home made products like fabric softeners, bath oils to enhance the natural aromas to your products.