Kunzea - 10ml - Essential Oil

Kunzea - 10ml - Essential Oil

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Your Kunzea Essential Oil from the family Myrtaceae, is grown and harvested from the pristine slopes of Flinders Island, Tasmania, south Eastern Australia.

Kunzea Essential Oil is also found in northern Tasmania, the southern regions of New South Wales and Victoria but the bulk of the distillation is in the state of Tasmania.

The Kunzea ambigua bush is a small to medium sized plant, often seen as hedges. In some states e.g. Western Australia, as Kunzea ambigua is an introduced species it is required to be well managed due to its ability to grow fast and propagate well. Kunzea ambigua produces soft white flowers and is sometimes referred to as the ‘Tick Bush’ as animals were often seen sheltering under the Kunzea ambigua bush to remain free of ticks and lice. Or The bush is known as White Cloud due to the provision of white flowers when in full bloom.

Kunzea ambigua has a light yellow hue with a spicy/eucalyptol note which can assist as a decongestant. Or the oil provides a clean fresh aroma of southern Australian mountain air when diffused making it a useful oil for the household.

Kunzea ambigua is a popular Aromatherapy oil as it is known to reduce pain and stiffness in joints and muscles which have become inflamed from either a long ‘work-out’, an injury or from conditions which affect the ability to use muscles or joints effectively.

Anecdotal evidence shows that Kunzea ambigua can be effective on animals especially dogs which live in tick affected areas – see news items.

Kunzea ambigua oil blends well with citrus, sandalwood, peppermint and lavender and as a ‘pick-me-up’.

Always use this oil with a carrier oil, not to be ingested or placed directly on the skin. Always try a patch test first in case of any reaction.

Always find assistance from your professional Aromatherapist or GP for therapeutic information  Kunzea ambigua essential oil

Kunzea Essential oil is grown and processed on Flinders Island, Tasmania, south eastern Australia.

A popular oil with Aromatherapists as it is known to reduce inflammation.

Once not well known, the oil is now gaining popularity due to it’s assistance in addressing some pain.