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Herbalist/Naturopath Consultation

Herbalist/Naturopath Consultation

Oak Tree Herbal Clinic
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Your healing process begins with your initial consultation.  We will go in-depth into your health history so that we can gain a clear picture of where you are in your health journey.  We will discuss the goals you wish to achieve in terms of your health, and develop a plan on how to reach them.  We will also test your body with our Avatar Biofeedback Machine.

Avatar Feedback Machine


The Chinese mapped the body’s meridian pathways thousands of years ago.  Every meridian pathway and acupuncture point refers to a different organ or system in the body.  The Avatar biofeedback machine measures disturbances in the body’s flow through electromagnetic energy.  Using a blunt probe (no needles) we can test your acupuncture points on your fingers and feet and are able to identify probable causes of health issues.

Have you ever had a bug that you thought you got rid of, but have never been the same since?  This could be because your body is still holding onto the frequency of that bug and assumes you still have it.  Once this frequency is removed, your body no longer thinks the bug is there and your body will begin to do what it is designed to do – heal itself.  We use the Avatar Biofeedback machine with another device called the Wave front.  After we have tested your body’s electromagnetic imbalances, we are then able to imprint those imbalances into your very own homeopathic remedy which will balance your frequency. 

The Avatar biofeedback machine measures

  • stress excesses on your organs
  • imbalances associated with your bodies tissues and/or organs
  • and more

The Avatar Biofeedback machine will let you know if you have any

  • chemicals and pesticides
  • viruses
  • bacteria
  • heavy metals
  • parasites
  • and much more in your system.

The Avatar Biofeedback machine is a holistic “full check-up” with instant results.  Based on the results of your assessment we customize a remedy program that is designed specifically to meet your wellness goals.  Our programs will assist your body’s energy to be restored to a balanced state thereby allowing the return to optimal health. 

The programs we have on offer are

  • Detox
  • Digestive Detox
  • Chemical/Pesticide detox
  • Weightless Program
  • Stress and Adrenal Fatigue
  • Immune Boost
  • Hormonal balancing
  • Wellness Program
  • Kids Health

If you would like to see what people are saying about the Avatar here are a couple of YouTube videos explaining how the Avatar works.

Supplements/Herbal Remedies/Homeopathic Remedy

If herbal medicines, nutritional supplements, herbal teas, or flower remedies are required as part of your support plan, these are an additional cost and will be discussed at each consult.  You will always leave the consult with some kind of recommendation, whether it is lifestyle, herbal, nutritional, diet or a combination of the three.   Please note I only prescribe if absolutely essential for healing as I try to keep each consultation as inexpensive as possible.

Please remember that herbs are not fast acting like pharmaceuticals, and may take weeks or months to see benefits: especially in chronic or serious conditions, as the herbs work to restore proper function.  Some acute and superficial issues will respond quite quickly to herbs.

True health is not a one-time fix.  It is something that must be worked on, especially when you are trying to change life-long habits. 

Initial Consultations take approximately 1.5 hours

Once you have filled out our Health Questionnaire here (you will be transferred to our sister companies web site to answer Health Questions) we will be in touch to work out a time that suits both of us.   Follow up consultations will be discussed at your Initial appointment.

Cost: $150.00 per hour

Clinic address:

6/75 Warburton Ave, Padbury  WA   6026       

(Padbury Shopping Centre)

Phone: 0409 112816

We also offer Zoom and phone consultation.

Missed Consultations and Late cancellations

Please note that a late fee of 50% of the consult fee applies for appointments cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled time.  Missed appointments or those cancelled within 4 hours of the consultation time will be charged the full standard consultation fee.





Avatar Biofeedback testing is not a “standard medical procedure” and today it is not accepted as a standardized diagnostic test determining any specific medical conditions or disease.  The Avatar Biofeedback machine is an “energetic” assessment of an individual.