Blue Cypress 10ml - Essential Oil

Blue Cypress 10ml - Essential Oil

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100% pure – Callitris intratropica – is uniquely Australian. Your Blue Cypress essential oil, is a little known ancient oil manufactured from sustainably managed Blue Cypress Pine plantations originally planted for their saw logs located in the Northern Territory ‘Top End’ of Australia. These cypress pines do not have the traditional ‘cypress pine’ aroma, but a more subtle, astringent note which has a slightly medicinal under-tone.

Native stands of Blue Cypress trees can be found growing naturally from the Kimberley in Western Australia through to the Tiwi Islands, Northern Territory to Cape York in Queensland.

Anecdotally, when the wood of the Australian Cypress pine burns, the smoke repels insects like sandflies, gnats and mosquitoes found in the Australian environment. Australian Aboriginals would crush the leaves, rubbing the sap onto their skin to repel mozzies and other pesty insects. The shavings from the tree has been used for insect sticks.

The Australian Cypress Pine is also known asthe Kerosene Tree because of its flammability.

Blue Cypress Essential Oil is one of only two oils available with a crystal clear cobalt blue colour which occurs during steam distillation where guaiazulene forms.

Blue Cypress Essential Oil 100% pure is quite viscous and may be slow to leave the bottle. When Blue Cypress oil is cold it will form tiny crystals. This does not affect the quality of the oil, simply warm the bottle and the crystals will disappear.

Because Blue Cypress oil has known but anecdotal benefits as an anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory it is a useful addition to your outdoor medicine collection. A popular Aromatherapy oil due to its known healing properties when blended.

Closely related to White Cypress – Callitris glaucophylla – which is found dispersed across the Eastern states of Australia.

This lovely oil is becoming popular and supply can be limited at times due to demand.

In order to keep your oil in good condition store below 30° and keep out of the reach of children. Not for ingestion. If pregnant seek advice from your aromatherapist or medical practitioner.

Blue Cypress oil’s major plant chemical compounds are: alpha – pinene, beta-elemene, guaiol, callitrism, borneol, guaiazulene

GC available on request.

Australian blue essential oil is a rare oil, grown and distilled only in the Top End of Australia. A viscous oil known to function as an anti-fungal with anti-inflammatory properties. The tree was used by the Indigenous Peoples for many years to avoid being bitten by pesky insects, which shows that this useful oil and leaves can be a useful addition to your Bush Survival Kit to deter biting insects.