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Family Herbal Manufacturing

Family Herbal Manufacturing

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Have you been thinking about becoming your family’s herbalist or learning to make your own herbal medicines?  In the Family Herbalist ECourse you will gain an understanding of herbalism, learn how to use herbs correctly and learn how to create your own organic natural products.

Herbal Medicines can be prepared in different forms.  Some are designed to be taken orally e.g.: Tinctures, Oxymels, Syrups and some are applied topically e.g.; applied directly to the skin in the form of creams, salves and as an ointment, used as ear drops, an eye wash or in a bath.

Safety is a primary concern in any form of medicine and herbalism is no exception.  It cannot be over emphasized enough that overall, herbs are safer than drugs, but they are potent medicine, and anyone who uses them should do so cautiously and responsibly.  Fortunately, you don’t need to be a master herbalist to use medicinal herbs safely.  All you need is a little information and some common sense. You will learn a set of guidelines for using herbs safely in our Family Herbal ECourse.

You can purchase a “Family Herbal Starter Kit” when you sign up, or if you prefer you can sign up without the kit and buy ingredients as you go - all the ingredients will be in our on line shop.  Once you sign up and pay for this ECourse you will be sent a starter kit (if you have purchased the full package) that has everything you need to make the recipes each month.  Payment options at checkout.

The Starter Kit contains; (retail value $205.50) 

30 x 5g assorted herbs, 50ml each of Almond oil, Apricot Kernal Oil, Grapeseed oil, Neem oil, 30ml each of Jojoba oil, Rosehip oil, 30ml Vitamin E, 30g each of Coco Butter, Shea Butter, Mango Butter, 30g each of beeswax, Carnaba wax Candelilla Wax, 30g Bicarbonate Soda, 60g Citric Acid, 50ml Glycerol, 30g Dead Sea Salt - Fine, 30g Himalayan Salt – Course, 5 x Small Tea bags, 5 x Large Tea Bags, Herbal Pillow, Tea Strainer. (oil varieties may change depending on availability)

Below is our ECourse Curriculum.  We will go through each lesson every month.  Family Herbal Manufacturing is a 12 month course. As this is a new course, I will be posting each lesson on the first of each month starting in July, 2021.  You can join in at any time - you will have access to all the Lessons that have become live.  There is a discussion portal with each lesson, so if you don't understand anything you can ask your questions through the portal.  We will answer you within a maximum of 2 days.  

The portal is also for all your success and failures.  I am sure you wont be the only one that makes mistakes, so posting your errors could help other people to not make the same mistakes.  We would all like to hear of your success as well.  If at anytime I find some extra information that I think you will benefit from I will put that on the portal as well.

Looking forward to meeting you.  If you start this ECourse and you think any of your friends would benefit, they can join in at anytime.  Just means they will have past lessons to catch up on.  Happy manufacturing. :) 

ECourse Curriculum

Lesson 1 - Basic Herbology

Learn the Herbal Actions

Learn the Herbal Constituents

How to set up  your own Family Herbal Apothecary

How to start an herbal monogram

Complete 4 herbal monograms

and more.....

Lesson 2 - Formulate your own Herbal Tea Blend

Learn the difference between an infusion and a decoction

Learn the basic principles to formulating your own herbal tea blend

Learn how to get to know your herbs

Herbal tea blend recipes for you to try

Complete 3 herb monograms

and more......

Lesson 3 - Herbal Foot and Bath Soaks

Learn what an herbal foot bath is and how to use one

Learn what an herbal bath soak is and how to use one

Which herbs are suited to a foot and bath soak

Recipes for foot and bath soaks

Complete 3 herbal monograms

and more......

Lesson 4 - Herbal Tinctures

Learn what are Herbal tinctures and the different types

Learn what is maceration

Learn what is a marc

Learn what is a menstruum

Recipes for different types of herbal tinctures

Complete 2 herbal monograms

and more......

Lesson 5 - Herbal Infused oils and ointments

Learn what herbal infused oils and ointments are used for

Learn the different oils you can use

Learn how to make an infused oil

Learn how to make an ointment

Recipes for infused oils and ointments

Complete 2 herbal monograms

and more......

Lesson 6 - Herbal vinegar's and Oxymels

Learn what an oxymel is and how to use it

Learnt the benefits of herbal vinegars

Learn how to make the famous Fire Cidar Vinegar

Complete 3 herbal monograms

Recipes for herbal vinegar's and oxymels

and more.....

Lesson 7 - Herbal honey, syrups and lozenges

Learn the benefits of herbal honey

Learn how to make herbal lozenges

Learn how to make herbal syrups and how to use them

Learn how to make herbal honey and how to use them

Complete 2 herbal monograms

Recipes for Herbal honey, syrups and lozenges

and more......

Lesson 8 - Poultice and compress

Learn what a poultice is and how to use it

Learn what a compressor is and how to use it

Learn how to make a poultice and compress

Recipes for a poultice and compress

Complete 2 herbal monograms

and more.....

Lesson 9 - Bath Salts and Bath Bombs

Learn what a bath salt is and how to use it

Learn what a bath bomb is and how to use it

Recipes for a bath salt and bath bomb

Complete 2 herbal monograms

and more.....

Lesson 10 - Herbal Succi, Pessaries, Suppositories and Douches

Learn the positive and negative principles of suppositories and Douches

Learn what a succi is and how to use it

Learn what pessaries are and how to use them

Recipes for succi, pessaries, suppositories and douches

Complete 2 herbal monograms

and more.....

Lesson 11 - Lotions, Creams and Salves

Learn what the difference between lotions, creams and salves

Learn what are the best oils and how each penetrates through the skin

Learn how to make a lotion, cream and Salve

Recipes for lotions, creams and salves

Complete 2 herbal monograms

and more....

Lesson 12 - Herbal Powders and Capsules

Learn what is an herbal powder and how to use it

Learn what is an herbal capsule and how to make them

Learn how to make herbal capsules

Recipes for herbal capsules

Complete 2 herbal monograms

and more.....

If you live in Australia the Starter Kit will be sent freight free, but if you are an overseas customer you will be charged postage - I will be in touch with the extra cost after payment has been receive.