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Oak Tree Herbal Clinic
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Workshop in Midvale

Workshop in Craigie

Educational Workshops

Oak Tree Herbal Clinic holds a number of workshops that will help you learn "How to grow your own food and medicine"


Herbal Tinctures

We make a number of tinctures both elixirs and glycetracts

Herbal Tea Blends

We have formulated a number of Herbal Tea Blends for different ailments.

Infused Oils

We supply a range of products that you can purchase to make your own Organic Skin Care and Hair Care products.

Single Herbs

Choose your own single herbs and make your own blended teas, or enjoya single herb cup of tea

Flower Essence

Choose your own flower Essence blend or see our Herbalist who will help to choose the right remedy for you.

Medicinal Herb Garden Design

How would you like to walk through your garden and harvest your own medicine?  Let us help you.

Book the Herbalist/Naturopath

Needs some help with your health, our herbalist/naturopath can help you get started.

    About us

    The "Go to" place to learn how to live a more sustainable healthy Lifestyle.

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