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Medicinal Herb Garden Design

How would you like to walk through your garden and harvest your own Medicine?

At Oak Tree Herbal Clinic we can help make this happen.  With the help of our qualified Herbalist/Horticulturist Leesa Caldwell, we can help you design your own Medicinal Herbal Garden.

We come to your place, sit down with you and work out what type of Medicinal Herb Garden you are wanting.  We have designs you can choose from - for example: you can have an anti-inflammatory herb garden, maybe an anti-stress herb garden, we can even help you with a detoxing herb garden.  The themes are endless.  You can also have a choice from a design such as Medicinal cartwheel garden, medicinal cottage garden, medicinal tea garden, and even a medicinal fairy garden. We will discuss all your options.

At the initial consult, Leesa will look at were you are thinking of having your Medicinal Herb Garden, make a few suggestions and show you a list of herbs you can choose from depending on your theme.  As Leesa is a qualified Herbalist as well as a horticulturist, she will be able to let you know what herbs you will not be able to consume, with regards to any Medication you are on.  Herbs are medicine!! and depending on how much of certain herbs you consume, some can interfere with medications.  This is the advantage you will have by getting Oak Tree Herbal Clinic to design your Medicinal Herb Garden.

Not only will you be getting our professional help and advice, included in the cost will be a information Book that will show you how to manufacture your own first aid medicine chest from the herbs that you are growing.  Leesa has been running workshop for the past few years, teaching people "How to Grow their own Food and Medicine".  (To see the workshops that Leesa runs click  and has put together a great resource book for you to have where you can make simple medicines such as herbal teas through to Tinctures and creams.  Also in the resource book will be a monogram of all the herbs that we have chosen to put in your Medicinal Herb Garden.

How this works?

Firstly, you pay for the initial consult here

Leesa will then be in touch via email and together you both work out the best time that suits you both for your first consult.  After the first consult, Leesa will then work on your draft design, which will take a week.  She will be in touch and the second payment will be due.  

Once this payment has been received, Leesa will email you with the draft copy of your design.  You have two emails to change anything on the draft.  Once the draft has been signed off, Leesa will make another appointment with you to give you a hard copy of your design and give you your "Medicinal Garden Herb Book"  that has been designed just for your needs. 

If you would like us to do all the manual labour, and plant your Medicinal Herb Garden, then let us know and we can give you a quote to do the whole job.  


First consultation is $180.00 (approx 90 mins)

Draft design via email is $180

Final consultation is $140.00 (approx 90mins)

All herbs that have been chosen are also an extra cost - this will depend on the size of your Medicinal Herb Garden and how many herbs we have chosen.

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