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Propagation EWorkshop
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Propagation EWorkshop is an online basic propagation workshop.  This workshop is for the home gardener.  

The aim of this EWorkshop is to teach you the basics of Propagation.  You will learn how to sow seeds, produce plants from different types of cuttings, a simply way to layer your plants to produce offspring and you will learn how to divide your exisisting plants to produce more plants.

Module 1 

Seed Sowing

  • Learn the difference between Hybrid and Non-hybrid seeds
  • Different ways to germinate your seeds
  • How to grow from seeds
  • What season to plant seeds
  • Simple Seed Raising mix to make
  • How to make seed bombs
  • Extra notes on
    • History of Propagation
    • Basic Botony
    • Seed germination and sowing times

Module 2

Caring for your seedlings

  • Learn when to plant your seedlings in the ground
  • What can go wrong
  • Extra notes on
    • Propagation Record Sheet
    • Functions of flowering plants

Module 3

Types of Propagation

  • Learn the different types of cuttings
    • Softwood
    • Semi-ripe
    • Hardwood
    • Sectional
    • Heel
    • Leaf
  • Simple Cutting mix to make
  • Different types Root/underground Cuttings
    • Roots
    • Rhizomes
    • Tubers
    • Bulbs
  • How to Divide your existing plants
  • How to Divide Crowns
  • Layering
  • How to divide Suckers

Once you have paid for our "Propagation EWorkshop" you will be sent an email with your log in details.  Please allow at the most24hours for your details to be sent to you.

If you get stuck all you need to do is send me (Leesa) and email and I will try my best to help you solve your issue.

Motto of this workshop is "HAVE FUN AND NEVER GIVE UP"




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