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Workshop in Midvale

Workshop in Craigie

Natural Organic Facial Products - Intermediate
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Saturday 11th May 9am - 1pm
Saturday 15th June 9am - 1pm
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This workshop is the second in a two part “Natural Organic Facial Skincare” Series.  It is advisable to start with the beginner’s workshop as we won’t be covering the basics that were covered in that workshop.  This workshop is a continuation and it goes deeper into how to manufacture your own “shop Bought” Natural Organic Facial skincare products. 


The aim of this workshop is to teach you how to formulate and manufacture your own range of Natural Organic Facial Products to give as gifts to your family and friends.


What you will learn in this workshop is;

  • How to make herbal infusions to include in your Facial Skincare products
  • How to make different oil infusions to include into your Facial Skincare products
  • Different herbs that can be used in Natural Organic Facial Products
  • What are Surfactants and emulsifiers and why they are important for your Facial Products
  • The Dermal limits of essential oils for Leave on and Rinse off facial products
  • Explain the different bacteria, moulds and microorganisms that can grow in your products
  • How the test the pH of your Facial products
  • How to do an Oil in Water, and a Water in Oil emulsion

We will teach you and get you to make;

  • Natural Organic Facial Mask
  • Natural organic Micellar water (Make up remover)
  • Natural Organic Facial Toner
  • Natural Organic Facial emulsion
  • Natural Organic Anhydrous Creams

All products that we make in this workshop you get to take home.  You will also be given class notes, formulation sheet, recipes for the products that you have made, also some extra recipes for you to try at home.

Also available for you to purchase will be all the ingredients that you need to continue to make your own Natural Organic Skincare Range at home.  The other products that we will have for sale are our Organic Herbal Tea range, Essential oils, Dried Herbs and jars.

Workshops will be held in Craigie (Address will be sent a couple of days before workshop)

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