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Workshop in Midvale

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Distilling your own Essential Oils
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Learn how to extract your very own essential oils.  In this workshop you will be shown the basic principles of distillation, being the primary method of extraction, in an easy and understandable way.  No prior knowledge of the scientific method is necessary.  We will go through two basic modes of distillation and a simple explanation of what each process consists of.  A basic theoretical understanding is of course needed but it is not until you engage in the practical aspect that you begin to understand everything in context.  Therefore, I will provide you with the information needed to begin your own journey in extracting your very own essential oils. 

My name is Shannan Caldwell and I have been extracting my own essential oils for home use over the last few years.  I am currently undertaking my Bachelor of Science degree at UWA and upon completion I hope to further my studies with in the kingdom of plants.  I first became acquainted with essential oil extraction from my fascination of a specific mode of herbal medicine preparation known as Spagyrics.  My experience in distilling essential oils is based on an age old method known as trial and error, which has not led me astray thus far.

Workshops are held at Greenlife Soil Company, 178 Farrell Rd, Midvale  from 11 - 1pm approx

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