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Herbal Folklore Study Group

Herbal Folklore Study Group

Oak Tree Herbal Clinic
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Herbal Folklore Study Group is a monthly study program that the whole family can participate in.  Studying herbs can be pretty intense, which is why I have designed this study group to concentrate on one herb per month. 

Each month we will be looking at the medical properties, culinary applications and the different ways you can use each herb as medicine. Each week as we go through the herbs, you will also be given recipes for all the types of herbal preparations we will be going through.  

When you sign up for this six (6) monthly Herbal Folklore Study Group, you will receive a welcome email which will include an outline of the herbs we will be studying and a supply list of everything you will need to make all the products for the first month.  Each month after that, you will receive an introduction email with the next months curriculum and a new supplies list for the goodies we will be preparing.

At the end of each month of our Herbal Folklore Study Group, I will send you an email with a link for you to download a PDF file that includes all the information and recipes on the herb that you have just studied.  This is so you can save your own copy of each herb to your computer for future referencing and to put in your Herbal Monogram.

The 2021 intake for our Herbal Folklore Study Group I will be teaching you practical information and the different ways to use:

August - Yarrow

September - Californian Poppy

October - Cramp Bark

November - Brahmi

December - Chaste Berry - Vitex


January - Basil

February - Summer Savory

March - Salad Burnett

April - Calendula

May - Burdock

June - Solomon Seal

July - Mullein

Who is this Study Group For?

It is for everyday people who would like to learn and use herbs for health and healing.

It is for everyday people who are interested in the scientific aspect of herbalism.

It is for everyday people who don't have time to do all the research about herbs, but want to learn how to make their own medicine for the whole family.

It is for everyday people who would like to connect with people in the same community and to share their own knowledge of what they have discovered using herbs day to day.

It is for everyday people who are beginners and don't know where to start.


You can sign up for six (6) months, twelve (12) or choose your herb to study and sign up for that specific month (1 month).  Please don't forget to put your email address in.