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Grow your Own Food and Medicine

Grow your Own Food and Medicine

Oak Tree Herbal Clinic
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If you are wanting a more natural way of living and want to learn the old ways as well as the new ways, this course is ideal for you.  Learn how to take better care of yourself and family naturally with what you have grown in your own backyard.

This course will teach you how to become your family’s very own herbalist and nutritionist.  You will learn all aspects of herbalism and nutrition and how traditional herbalists used herbs for common ailments and how nutritionist help you eat the right foods.

Course outline:

The study of medicinal plants spans over thousands of years.  The collected knowledge of the actions and uses of medicinal plants has been recorded through practice, folklore, insights and science and is known as a Materia Medica.  Throughout this 12 month course (10 Lessons) you will be compiling monograms of all the herbs mentioned and forming your own Materia Medica.

Learning about “growing your own food and medicine” is a very hands-on and an exciting experience.  Throughout this course you will learn how to propagate and grow your own herbs and vegetables.  You will be able to design your own Medicinal Herb garden with a variety of designs you can choose from that suits your own needs.  You will be able to turn what you grow into your own First Aid Kit, you will make your own special skincare range and you will learn how to formulate your own herbal tea blends and herbal medicine for common ailments.

For a full description and the course curriculum download this PDF form.

Fee: If you wish to purchase this course in full it will cost you $899 or you can purchase in two parts and pay $499AUD per part (total $998 AUD) 

Delivery: Once payment has been made you will receive the first month of the course so you can commence.  Beginning of each month thereafter for 9 months you will be sent that relevant months course materials and recordings.

Duration: The duration of the course is twelve months.  It should take you one month to complete each lesson.  At the end of each month you will be required to submit an assignment pertaining to that Lesson. This will be marked and the results sent to you within the first week after submission.

Through the whole course (12 months) students will receive support and guidance from our tutor.  This will be done through emails, zoom meetings or a phone calls (if you live in Australia).  At the completion of this course students will receive a Certificate of Competency as a Home Herbalist.

Assignments: There are 10 assignments to be completed successfully before a certificate is issued.  They are not multiple choice answers, or essays, instead they will be projects to be completed after each lesson so you have a better idea of that specific subject you have just learnt.

Refund for courses: These courses are an educational study program with tutor support.  They are written by our well educated qualified and experienced Master Herbalist/Naturopath who has been studying and using herbs since 2005.  These courses are quite unique as they teach you the basics on how a professional qualified herbalist has been taught and how they practice.  If at any stage you have any questions, then please contact our tutor who will answer your question as soon as possible.  Please make sure you read all the information and that you are sure this course is suited to you, as what you are purchasing, refunds are not offered.