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Flower Essence - Veronica - 30ml

Flower Essence - Veronica - 30ml

Living Essence
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Positive Qualities







Problem Target






Making Bridges

The essence of expressing and revealing oneself.  Meeting the hearts of others.  To re-orientate sensitivity towards reaching out to others and the efforts needed in order to bring about understanding.  To inspire communication and interaction, breaking up isolation and loneliness.

Mind - Common Uses

For those who feel sad, isolated and alone, that no one really knows them.  For those who feel misunderstood and so keep away from others for fear of being rejected.  For feelings of alienation within a family or group.  For those who are grieving the loss of a loved one and believe they will now always be alone.

The healing turns the person around to see how they can make contact with others, express themselves freely without concern for how they are received.  Being open to people and welcoming them into friendship and relationships brings new opportunities for happiness.

Healing Pathway to the soul

If all the people who were lonely sought out the people who needed help, not one lonely or helpless person would remain.  Outside our door the whole world waits breathlessly for us to make our move.  Must we wait for the knock, or go out into the world?